Enrique Castrejon :  Los Angeles, CA

Affirmation of Eden

The Affirmation of Eden, 2012, a 4ft.x6ft. collaborative painting by Ruben Esparza, Miguel Angel Reyes, and Enrique Castrejon commissioned by AltaMed Health Services for the exhibition, A Positive Impact / Art in the Wake of the AIDS Crisis. 

In this painting, I contributed and created the HIV cells adhered throughout the painting. These varied sized and fragmented HIV cells were detailed with HIV medications, cell anatomy, and statistical data obtained from the 2011 Los Angeles County HIV Surveillance Report printed on clear acetate strands emanating outward from the cell creating radiating stars or clusters of knowledge. The Affirmation of Eden is on view in the main lobby of the organization's corporate office.

Thank you Ruben, Miguel, Julian, and AltaMed for the opportunity to participate in this painting project .